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TKN MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Is a manufacturer of shuttering magnet for concrete formwork, precast concrete is a tool that Can be used for a wide variety of applications, with outstanding characteristics, especially suitable for industrial plants and construction Manufactured as a precast concrete formwork system. The type or model of Shuttering magnet has a specified length including thickness of slabs Shutter magnet will also cause high accuracy. Shuttering magnets have a strong magnetic suction power. Has a special high tensile strength there is an easy-to-use system of shuttering magnet that works by turning it on and off. Just by pressing the shuttering magnet. It works immediately. Removing the concrete formwork, shuttering magnet is also very easy. Just lift the button, there are either manual or auto systems that use robots to work with shuttering magnet. In order to increase efficiency, save time and save a lot of human labor. It is a good choice for factories that wants to produce large quantities.

To increase confidence for customers our products have spare parts for every lifetime. There is a product quality guarantee. Have after sales service and training how to use correctly